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Mount Pleasant, SC pool turf. Artificial turf. Artificial lawn. Pet grass.

No More Digging, Dirty Dogs or Dead Grass

Our pet grass will provide trouble-free maintenance and will look great for years to come.  You will enjoy having a clean pet that doesn't dig and roll around in the dirt and need constant grooming and washing because of your yard.  Our artificial turf is ideal for both your pet's paws and your yard's aesthetics.

Hollywood, SC pool turf. Artificial turf. Artificial lawn. Pet grass.

Quality and Healthy Products Only

For pet turf installations we use envirofill, a man made antimicrobial sand.  No crumb rubber! Our pet turf provides a clean and sanitary place for dogs to play that maintains its lush, green, and realistic look and feel all year long.  Composed of our pet tested and pet approved synthetic turf, specialized infill, and innovative odor control products, it is truly the best artificial grass for your canine companion.

Myrtle Beach, SC dog park. Doggie Day Care. Artificial turf. Artificial lawn. Pet grass.

Pet Parks and Commercial Applications

Pet grass is amazing for your home but not limited to just there. Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf has installed dog parks for municipalities, veterinarian offices, hotels and apartment complexes, doggie daycare facilities and yes, even bars. Artificial turf minimizes the breeding ground for bacteria often found in mulched or sodded dog areas.  Your dogs remain clean and healthy when you get them back from pet grass facilities.

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