Sunshine Synthetic Turf, Professional Artificial Turf Installation


A Subsidiary of Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf

At Sunshine Synthetic Turf, we specialize in larger commercial and residential installations.  Dog parks, rooftops, veterinarian offices, apartment complexes and condos.  These are the artificial turf projects we love to tackle.  Anyone can do a small landscaping job with turf, but at Sunshine Synthetic Turf, we make your facility shine whether it's pet grass or a traditional synthetic lawn.


Virtually No Maintenance

The majority of our clients both residential and commercial need a turf that will stand up to the rigors of pets.  With our Sunshine Synthetic Turf, you can choose from 4 of the largest manufacturers in the country to get the type of turf that best suits your needs. While we carry four kinds of pet grass, we can make any turf you choose pet friendly with our infill with microban (an antimicrobial) and our healthy bacteria spray which eats the uric acid from your pet and keeps the turf smelling clean and fresh.


Residential Applications

While we can't do many small residential jobs because of our workload, we do install larger residential jobs like the one here.  This client's water bill dropped from $800 a month to $150.  It doesn't take long to recoup your investment when you consider that you are not paying for maintenance, resodding, etc. Artificial turf is also very eco-friendly.  No fertilizers, pesticides, weed killer and chemicals are being used to contaminate the water and environment. At Sunshine Synthetic Turf, we make it easy to go green!